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How often is maintenance required?

Maintenance should be done once a week. In the winter season it can be done every two weeks. The maintenance consists of:
Chemistry check
Cleaning objects floating on the surface with the bag network
Brushed walls
Cleaning of baskets (skimmer and pump)
Lubrication of o'rings in the equipment (where they are and if they require it) with lubricant made with Teflon or silicone base
If the perimeter corridors are dirty they can be swept or washed.
Check the pressure in the filter (backwash the filter if it is sand or type D.E. and wash if it is a cartridge).
The pressure in the manometer of the tank tells us whether it is necessary to wash the filter or not.

Is it necessary to analyze the pool?

Many people start swimming in public or private pools or take advantage of weekends to enjoy the good weather of the islands in the pools of their house, hotel, apartment or sports club.
To be able to take a bath safely in clean water and in good conditions, it is essential to perform a water analysis once a week.
With the results that the test provides, the treatment of the test can be adjusted to the real needs. It must be taken into account that this water is susceptible to external factors, such as weather changes, if it rains or is very hot, if there is intensive use of the pool, and so on.
Even so, at the moment that the user or person in charge of the maintenance of the swimming pool notices lack of transparency in the water, change of color or strange smell it must realize an analysis as soon as possible.

What is an analysis of PH and Chlorine?

The objective of the analysis is to check the pH, chlorine, hardness and mineralization levels of the water. If these levels are controlled, you can enjoy safe and clean water.
The pH indicates the acidity or basicity of the water, that is to say, a chemical characteristic on which the reaction of the chemical products used in water treatment depends. The pH level should be monitored daily and be between 7.2 and 7.6.
Many times when leaving the pool the eyes are irritated, this is due to the residual chlorine that remains in the pool and does not disinfect. While free chlorine is responsible for eliminating microorganisms present in water.
An important measurement parameter is the hardness to measure the amount of lime in the water. The lime is deposited on the walls of the pool leaving white marks. It adheres to the pipes and the elements that make up the pool, deteriorating it.
Finally, the mineralization of the water is analyzed. A high level of minerals causes a strong smell and taste of water. In addition, it increases the electrical conductivity of the water.

What kind of service do they do?

Everything related to analysis, maintenance and repair in the service of the pools, this includes acid washing, replacement of filters, pumps, motors, cleaning and maintenance of the same, salt systems, lighting system and all kinds of services related to pools.

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